Prunus virginiana 'Shubert'

Prunus virginiana ‘Shubert’

Foliage emerges green and later changes to deep purple mid-season. Rounded branching habit then puts on a fragrant show of white pluming flower racemes. Flowers then yield deep purple chokecherries. Be sure to net the tree if you want to harvest the fruit, as local birds have been known to clear an entire crop within days. Otherwise, a wonderful food source for birds. Extremely hardy, and tolerant of alkaline soils, but will not tolerate high water or poor drainage.  Multi-stem grown with three or more stems. Selection has minimal suckering typically from the base, but can spread outwards if roots become exposed or damaged.

Plant Height at Maturity

20 feet

Plant Width at Maturity

15 feet

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Landscape Uses

Shade | Ornamental Specimen | Boulevard Tree

Environmental Features

Native Species | Pollinator Friendly | Bird Habitat | Wildlife Forage Source

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Urban Conditions

Seasonal Interest

Fall Color | Spring Flowering

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