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Conservation Trees & Shrubs for Montana When you are contemplating which tree or shrub species to plant, your first thought might be, “Will this plant thrive here?” You will want to know if the plant will tolerate the temperatures, moisture, and soil conditions of the area. This publication focuses on identifying and describing trees and shrubs capable of tolerating Montana’s severe climatic and environmental conditions, the site conditions where they are best adapted to grow, and some of the benefits each tree and shrub provides.

Landscape Architecture & Design Research Guides Resources for the study of landscape architecture and design from Montana State University.

Love Your Landscape LoveYourLandscape is the official website of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The site is designed to educate, inspire, and encourage you to live, work, and play outside.

Montana Audubon Founded in 1976, Montana Audubon is an independent, statewide conservation organization whose mission is to promote appreciation, knowledge, and conservation of Montana’s native birds, other wildlife, and natural ecosystems and to safeguard biological diversity for current and future generations.

Montana Master Gardener Program The Montana Master Gardener Program serves as an education and volunteer service organization. The program’s purpose is to provide technical assistance and unbiased, research-based information in consumer horticulture to people in all Montana communities through qualified volunteers. Through the Master Gardener program we empower individuals with sound horticultural practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment. The program is based on a philosophy of shared ownership. MSU extension agents, staff, and volunteers share vision, ideas, and responsibilities for the program.

Montana Native Plants for Pollinator Friendly Plantings Native trees, shrubs, forbs, and grasses can attract wildlife, including pollinators and beneficial insects. The right mix of plant species will bloom all season and provide a continuous source of nectar and pollen needed by pollinators.

Montana Native Plant Society The goals of the Montana Native Plant Society are to preserve, conserve, and study the native plants and plant communities of Montana, and to educate the public about the values of our native flora. Membership is open to individuals, families, and organizations within and outside Montana. Members may affiliate themselves with local chapters or join as Eastern or Western At-Large members.

Montana Noxious Weed List Montana has state listed noxious weed species that collaboratively affect about 8.2 million acres of Big Sky Country. Both new and continued infestations of these non-native species not only reduce the productivity of cropland and rangeland, infestations of noxious weeds diminish the productivity and biological diversity of ecosystems by negatively impacting wildlife habitat and by affecting the vitality and survival of native species due to competition for space, nutrients and water.

Montana Nursery and Landscape Association The Montana Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) serves the public by working with various horticulture trades, state agencies, and others to develop and improve standards which help their members offer quality plant materials and services to the public. They believe that establishing industry standards and educating individuals working in horticulture serves to provide the public with better products and expertise.

Montana Nursery Licensing Program Licenses are required for any person or business that sells or distributes nursery stock in Montana. If you sell plant material in the state of Montana, you must have a nursery license.

MSU Extension MontGuides MSU Extension MontGuides offer current information in a concise format on many topics relevant to you. They are sorted into categories and sub-categories, and are available online in a PDF format.

MSU Urban Ag Alerts The Ag and Urban Alert systems are intended for rapid communication of information from Montana State University Extension specialists to individuals involved in agriculture and horticulture. Alerts include information on pests, plant diseases, insects, weeds, and other timely topics.

Plant Diagnostics – Schutter Diagnostic Lab Services provided by the Schutter Diagnostic Lab include diagnosis of plant diseases, insect damage, and environmental plant problems, as well as visual assessment of herbicide injury to plants. They also provide identification services for plants, insects, and mushrooms and give management recommendations when needed.