Prunus triloba

Prunus triloba

Also known as the Rose Tree of China, this unassuming shrub becomes a real show-stopper in spring when it is covered with masses of 1”+  rich pink double blossoms. It is a large shrub or small tree with a spreading habit whose foliage post spring is a nice bright green though in contrast, admittedly unremarkable. Very hardy and may be pruned to maintain at a smaller size.

Plant Height at Maturity

12 feet

Plant Width at Maturity

12 feet

Growth Rate


Growth Habit


Landscape Uses

Hedge | Ornamental Specimen

Environmental Features

Pollinator Friendly | Bird Habitat

Tough Sites

Alkaline Soil | Dry Soil | Calcareous Soil | Urban Conditions

Seasonal Interest

Fall Color | Spring Flowering

Flower Color