Potentilla fruticosa ‘Yellow Gem’

Potentilla fruticosa ‘Yellow Gem’

Also called shrubby cinquefoil or bush cinquefoil, Potentilla is one of the most popular landscape shrubs in our climate. It has a long bloom time, exceptional hardiness, and low maintenance. This sturdy plant stands up to drought, air pollution, and salt, and has earned a reputation of being veritably indestructible by tolerating a wide range of growing conditions. Plants can get sparse without 6 or more hours of sunlight. Pair with spring blooming bulbs to screen bare branches until leaves emerge. This low growing variety’s new growth has a reddish color and produces yellow flowers from spring until frost. Makes an excellent ground cover.

Plant Height at Maturity

1 feet

Plant Width at Maturity

3 feet

Growth Rate


Growth Habit

Prostrate Ground Cover

Landscape Uses

Small Space

Environmental Features

Native Species | Water-wise | Pollinator Friendly

Tough Sites

Alkaline Soil | Dry Soil | Calcareous Soil | Deer Damage | Urban Conditions | High Wind

Seasonal Interest

Spring Flowering | Summer Flowering

Flower Color